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[Bowed Rolls/Repairs]
[Calender Rolls]
[Coater Blades]
[Doctor Blades]
[Dispersion Systems/Pulpers]
[Dryer Hoods/Ventilation/Ceilings]
[Gearbox Repairs]
[Headbox Inspection Services]
[Headbox Sheets]
[Machine Frames, Stretches etc...]
[Poly/Ceramic Drainage]
[Sandar Turnup Systems]
[Shower Oscillator Services]
[Shower/Vacuum Systems]
[Shower Nozzles]
[Steam Systems]
[Suction Roll Parts]

Event Capturing Systems (ECS)

Paper Trade Associates have been working with Event Capturing Systems for over 15 years.  We are proud to be offering the finest most cost effective system available today from ECS, (formerly called Carotek)

In the paper industry, machine uptime is paramount for you to stay competitive in today's worldwide market. ECS’ "Uptime by Design" Event Capturing System has successfully reduced breaks in paper mills for over 10 years. Our success is due to our ability to monitor, diagnose and prevent breaks using our real-time analysis and video capturing tools. This has resulted in significant cost reductions for hundreds of papermakers.

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